Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

March 18, 2010

Present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Sally Thomas, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Mike Whalen, Rick Mercurio and guest Josh Hamilton.

Fred opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. at the home of Rick Mercurio. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as amended by Geoffrey Smith. Treasurer Rick Paul sent a $500 check from FODR to TECC for the Council Ridge land acquisition project. He also received $71 from the iron ranger for plant guides. The cost of the lunches we purchased for rangers and Jack Pomeroy for the Bear Valley Middle School was estimated at $55-60. The event was a great success.

Fred brought a printed list of all the plants in our guide. The Sunrise Rotary Club will use the list to make high quality metal signs to be posted along the main trail. The Rotary members were enthusiastic about our plan to have a thank you lunch for them and their families at the ranch, where we will invite other guests and members to celebrate our accomplishments and possibly recruit helpers for our accessory building project. Fred suggested that FODR consider creating a springtime plant guide for visitors so they may identify seasonal plants, including blooming flora.

Jerry and Fred will meet with Bob McQuead on March 24 at 9:30 to discuss the farm buildings. Hopefully that meeting will lead to specific plans, and a meeting with Dick Althouse who may coordinate the project. The Board discussed potential issues for this project, including hauling supplies and combating hantavirus. The foreman’s quarters was mentioned as a likely starting place since it has a foundation but also is in need of immediate roof repair.

Sally hopes to prepare a newsletter before the end of the month. Each Board member is writing a personal piece about our passion for Daley Ranch. We are also gathering permission from several “advisors” of FODR in order to include their names in the newsletter. So far we have gotten the green light from Jack Pomeroy, Wendy Barker, and others. Rick M. will be sending out an email version of the newsletter to those members who have provided their email address. He will send a “test” email, using a new Yahoo account named “Daley Ranch” that Rick P. created.

The Board agreed to host a booth at the TECC Earth Day event on April 17 at the Elfin Forest interpretive center. Members volunteered for specific times and set up/breakdown details.

Sally brought up a proposed California Assembly bill, which would provide a 100-foot greenbelt along the San Dieguito Creek riverbed. The greenbelt would be maintained in the same way as a state park. The Board supported this concept, but Sally agreed to provide more specifics before the Board makes a formal recommendation. We may vote via email on whether or not to support this.

Rick P. praised the ongoing efforts of Rick Halsey in protecting the chaparral habitat in San Diego County. Recently, Halsey was successful in garnering a court order requiring the County to conduct a full EIR before they begin clear cutting in the back-country. The Board acknowledged that Halsey’s Chaparral Institute directly benefits the biological quality of Daley Ranch. Sally moved to donate $1000 to the Chaparral Institute. Irene seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Rick M. will write a thank you note to accompany the check.

The Board was pleased that Josh joined us. He introduced himself and we all shared our personal stories of how and why we got involved with FODR. We certainly hope that Josh becomes an active contributor.

The next Board meeting will be April 15 at the Train Depot.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio