Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

Minutes March 9, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Grape Day Park Train Station Baggage Room.

Present: Sally Thomas, Fred Woods, Irene O'Neille, Carol Stanford, Jerry Harmon, and Rick Paul.

The Minutes from February were approved as written.

The Treasurer reported funds at a balance of $____________. Expenditure for postage and preparation for the May 6 general meeting were approved.

Old Threads:

Ø Strategic Planning - No new information was available. Jerry expects to meet with the contacts in the near future.

Ø Stanley Peak - Rick Paul will seek permission from Mr. Sylvester for DRTT to put wildlife cameras on the property for monitoring tunnel usage per request of SDTT.

Ø CRN (meet with Claire Billett) - Fred has not yet had meeting with Clair Billett regarding the proposal to write a grant for school presentations at the Ranch.

Ø DR Mgmt Team meeting - Tracey Brown was appointed to attend Management Team Meeting with City Staff. No meetings have been called yet.

Ø Quarterly Financial Report - Irene stated that the quarterly reports have been available but no one has yet requested to see them. She will bring future reports to the Board.

Ø FODR "History - Rick M (not in attendance

Ø Michael Doane: Rick did meet with Mr Doane regarding 88 acre parcel on the west side. Mr Doane was receptive and will be working to acquire the property on the terms he discusses at the February meeting.

Ø Ranch House-contracts are to go up for bid. No new information is available at this time.


Upcoming: May 6 General Meeting

Ø East Valley Community Center --- 2245 E Valley Parkway: Rick has reserved the space. We will have it from 2 pm-5 pm on May 6.

Ø Invitation to Members - Will be mailed in early April.

Ø Invitation + Letter to Neighbors - Also will be mailed in early April.

Ø A follow up notice will also be mailed to arrive about a week ahead time.

Ø Rick Halsey - will still be the main presenter.

Ø Karen Larson from the San Diego Tracking Team - will have a short presentation to recruit new volunteers.

Ø Light refreshments - probably a few party trays from Von's. These will be easily replenished if there is greater attendance than expected.

Ø "Poster forum" - Member comment at discussion will be solicited via a series of posters displayed around the room,. The posters will contain 1-2 lines describing various activities currently being considered by the Board.

Ø Newspaper notice - NCT and UT will need to be contacted.

May Escondido Street Fair - Will be May 21. All present agreed to man the booth for a part of the day. Scheduling will be made firm at the April 13 Board meeting.

Calendar:: April Dinner meeting - at Jerry's. Agenda will be to prepare and assign responsibility for May 6 and May 21.

Respectfully, Sally Thomas for Rick Mercurio