Friends of Daley Ranch

March 18 2015

Present: Fred Woods, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer, Colleen Mackinnon, and Rick Mercurio
Minutes and Treasurerís Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Rick M. Jimís minutes from February were approved by acclamation. Rick P keeps FODR informed with his emailed treasurerís report on a regular basis. Fred reported that on behalf of the Daley Ranch Volunteer Association, the US Bank account was closed and their money moved to a sub-savings account at Mission Federal.
School Visits: Fred has been busily organizing and planning for the field trips.  Expenses will include student guides, the raptor program, the Native American program, volunteer lunches, and some buses. Two trips have been successfully completed with six more to go. Bus costs continue to rise. FODR is poised to submit an application for 2016 school visits with the Escondido Charitable Foundation.
Active Transportation Grant: Rick P had forwarded a request to FODR to submit a support letter for a proposed crossing at El Norte and the Escondido Creek trail. The Board does support this idea, and after some discussion it was decided to ask Rick P to draft the letter, using whatever letterhead feature he chooses. Fred will sign the letter, and will send Rick P a digital oak tree logo for possible use.
Newsletter: Rick M has written an article on the dying oaks. He will also submit a photo for that piece. Colleen will write an interview article featuring Linda Shipman, and possibly an item about renting the ranch house if she can contact Teresa Collins. Fredís presidentís message will include a request from readers for any Daley family information or photos. Rick M will include a price list for Sandra Zelaskoís photos.
Building Project: Dick has been exceptionally busy working on getting proper approvals for buildings 3 and 4. Dick was grateful to John Masson, who owns an engineering company, for his referral to another structural engineer who may be able to help. The engineerís wife is an architect, which may be fortuitous. He is willing to donate 4-6 hours for our project, which is very generous. Colleen will look into whether volunteered services can be written off for taxes. Dick will continue to pursue building department approvals.
Zelasko Photos: Sandy Zelasko, professional photographer, has now lowered her prices for the six images of the ranch. She is very generously offering to give FODR half of the proceeds. She has other ideas of ways to promote sales, including making postcards, and the sales of her beautiful greeting cards. Attached to the minutes is a detailed price breakdown, and Sandy says she is willing to make prints at other sizes as requested. We will feature her photos at our upcoming booth events, which will hopefully include San Diego Fair. Rick M will send Don Piller the new prices to post on the website.
Oak Tree Information: Jim has done extensive research into the oak die-off. He shared a specimen of the goldspotted oak borer (GSOB) along with an oak piece that had been invaded, plus other printed materials about the pest. Jim said the borer has devastated oaks in Julian and has encroached on Ramona, but so far has not been spotted at Daley Ranch. In Idyllwild, habitat managers have employed an expensive but effective way to slow the spread of the GSOB by chopping up affected trees into small pieces. Jim hoped that the City would be very aggressive in fighting the pest if it is ever found on DR. He urged us to spread the word among users to be on the lookout for signs. He will send information to Don and Linda to include on the website and social media.
Informational Signage: Jim is working on preliminary steps for the three signs, which will be funded by the county grant. He is seeking as much information as possible about the utility structures, and is working with ranger Greg Anderson to gather historical data. Jim will also connect with James Dillane to learn more about the Engelmann oak habitat. Fredís president message will be asking folks to send us anything they know about Daley family photos or lore, some of which might help Jim.
San Diego Fair: Colleen has been gathering information about the possibility of FODR sponsoring a booth at this yearís fair. For one day, it would cost $35 for a 10 X 10 space in the Pavilion infield. She wants to do ours on the same day as the 5K run, which would hopefully generate sympathetic guests for our booth. Colleen wants our theme to be ďresponsible recreation.Ē She shared ideas about creating a handout to promote FODR, sharing info about the oak borer, having plant guides, and promoting Zelaskoís photos. She will not know for certain whether we have been given the booth until May, but we will have to begin more specific preparation during our April meeting.
Faded Signage: Colleen noted that some of the signs for rules and other information in the main entrance kiosk have faded badly. She learned from Linda Shipman that the word docs for that signage should be in the Dixon Lake ranger station computer. Rick M will contact Sue E and/or Dan H to see if those docs can be found. If so, we have secured the volunteer services of Ed Ruiz to print new copies free of charge.
Next Meeting & Agenda: Colleen requested that the SD Fair and our membership policies be added to the April agenda. Fred will also add to the agenda the Friends of Carrillo Ranch and their programs, plus the idea of inviting Anne Fege to a meeting.
The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15 at the train depot in Grape Day Park.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, secretary