Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

March 19, 2019


Called to order at 7:01pm at Liz’s house

Members present: Dick, Fred, Jerry, Rick P., Colleen, Liz

No Guest

Treasurer’s report: No changes from last time.

Grant info on ECF and SDF, plus SDGE grant starting now.

            ECF – Rick M. to submit by March 25 deadline (3/25 update – grant submitted)

SDF – Fred thinks we have a letter of approval to submit (3/25 update – officially notified to submit SDF grant)

SDGE – Fred suggested that future grants that would be more competitive and allow for higher amounts of funding, some program changes are needed. Can look to TECC and San Diego Zoo applications for inspiration. However, we spend a majority of our funding on bussing and don’t have the resources to further develop programs/science standards (e.g., NGSS + District standards for 4th-7th grades). There are also not enough rangers to help us cover an increase in the number of days. A meeting with the Escondido District Curriculum Developer/Designer may be pursued in the future.

School program update – 2 days of rainout; rescheduled to April 1 and April 8. Fred is currently checking with the bus company regarding the accuracy of the bill – may be due to current leave of District transportation coordinator, and having to deal directly with bus company that we’re seeing an increase in the cost.

TECC collaboration updates – Colleen knew at least one proposal (J. Hubbard and D. Hubbard) was submitted for the little white house RFP. Colleen will send out an email to the FODR Board soliciting all proposal submissions (deadline was March 15).

Newsletter –            Fred to provide pictures with captions from the school trips;

Colleen waiting on approval from Girl Scout Council to submit article (3/25 update - no article on Girl Scouts this newsletter);

Letter to Mayor (Rick M. to send to Bruce); and

Ann Van Leer to submit on Conservation Fellows – needs a reminder (3/25 update – will not appear in this newsletter).


            Deadline for submissions: April 1 to Rick M. and Bruce.

Letter to Escondido Mayor’s Office – Rick M. wrote two versions of the letter, with and without language on biological monitoring and referring to addendum on conservation agreement. Board agreed to send letter without conservation agreement addendum.

Dick’s work on the Daley Ranch barn – Dick visited the barn with John Schmidt (structural engineer). J. Schmidt said there is no lateral support on roof, needs sheer panels, and must anchor building to foundation; possibly $20,000 in work (how to pay – mitigation money?) Dick met with the City Building Department (Tim Draper) with blue prints and photographs to determine how much work needs to be done to be in compliance. Want people to be able to go inside, but not so updated as to lose the character of the structure (e.g., fit for wedding venue). City suggested a rope across the doors so that people could look into the barn without entering.

            Other options and necessary work:

            Diagonal boards instead of sheer panels

            South wall needs a new 4x4 upright

            West side needs some straightening, but good overall

            East wall – may lean slightly       


What to use on the ceiling – plywood most likely and probably not that noticeable (12-18 ft ceiling); however, lose the character of the roof with its signature holes.


Dick’s work at Caballo Trailhead – marked an area for the new fence posts for the utility locators to come out. Large puddle impeding progress; Dick tried to locate fill dirt from the City, but no success so far. Rick P. suggested using some of the dirt that’s been delivered for the Caballo arena area if the puddle isn’t dry soon.


Fawcett Grant: Donation of $50,000 to fund Denise Harter’s employment (-7% overhead charge) for 1 year as a 1099 employee. Discussed scope of work with grantor:

            Attend board meetings

            Grant writing, with attendance to grant-writing class ($129; paid for by OH charge)

            Reading and reviewing proposals for Strategic Plan

            Non-financial monthly and annual reports


Other possibilities:
Donor management and communication (email, social media)

            Help with wildlife/camera study at Daley Ranch

            General wildlife survey at Daley Ranch

            Tracker training

            Daley Ranch House open days


Motion passed to draw up an MOU for Denise’s scope of work.


Next meeting: April 17, 2019, 7:00pm, Train Station

            Colleen to invite Denise

            Jerry to talk to potential new board member; will invite if they are interested in joining board

Meeting adjourned at 8:19pm

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Ridder