FODR Board Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2021


Jerry Harmon opened the Zoom meeting at 7 p.m. Participants included Jerry, Brocade Wu, Fred Woods, Dick Althouse and Rick Mercurio.

Brocade moved to approve the minutes from the February meeting. Fred seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Rick had emailed his accounting for February and up to March 12. Fred moved to receive and file the report. Brocade seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Dick is checking the iron ranger and says the one at the gate got robbed and we need to work on it.

Rick has compiled a 2021 Budget, and emailed it to Board members. Brocade moved approval, Fred seconded and the budget passed unanimously.

7th Grade Video Series Update including new SDF grant cycle: Fred said that closed captioning is progressing, plus titling and thumbnails, and the You Tube channel to host the videos is being created, all by Deedub Inc. (Dave Woods). This process is taking a lot of time. Krystle Miller is having her teacher team work on a curriculum guide. Fred and Rick don’t think we have a good chance for field trips in 2022, so we probably will not apply for the new SDF grant.

Barn Restoration Update: Dick says he received professionally prepared plans from the Nalu architectural firm. Dick submitted the plans to the City and is awaiting to hear back.

Audubon Garden Update: Jerry has met with Tom Trowbridge from the Society and identified the location for their garden and their water feature. Chris K is in support. The water line is now in. Some plantings are ready to go, using volunteers.

Meeting with Mayor Mac and follow up steps by FODR: Jerry did a Zoom meeting with Mayor Mac with the Escondido Chamber of Citizens about three weeks ago. Jerry is waiting for Mac’s response to a follow up email, which requested an opportunity to discuss specific FODR issues with Mac.

KTUA grant options: Rick has reached out to KTUA and they compiled a list of potential grants for the project. We need to discuss this with Chris K, specifically as it pertains to City approval of any improvements and their maintenance.

Trails Plan: We still have not received an invoice for the $5K FODR owes. Chris K has invited the FODR Board to a progress report meeting with all the participants in the Trails effort on March 22 at 10 am at the Ranch House. Jerry, Rick and Dick hope to attend.

New Board Members: Rick drafted a questionnaire which the Board approved. Jerry will reach out to a neighbor of Daley Ranch to gauge his interest and qualifications.

April newsletter: The Board approved new levels of membership, without any “rewards” attached. This will require a re-write of the final page of the newsletter, and placement on our website. Content for the newsletter will include:

              A summary of the launch of the 7th grade video program, written by Rick and with Fred providing a possible photo.

              A piece on the progress toward biological monitoring from the Wildlife agencies, as described in an email forwarded by Denise Harter.

              A self-introduction of Brocade, along with her photo.

              An article about the protocols of hiking with Covid, as space permits.  


New Business

Jerry received positive news from Chris Krstevski regarding mitigation bank funds. Jerry said that Chris believes the City is ready to expend funds from the two Daley Ranch accounts. More information is to come.

Rick explained that FODR received an endorsement request from the California Statewide Outdoor Learning organization, spearheaded by TECC. The goal of CalSOL is to get statewide funding for outdoor education programming so that all students at every grade level (K-12) in California public schools have equitable access to outdoor education programs.  Rick moved approval, Fred seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Social media update: Brocade says she is willing to post updates on events or activities. She will connect with Chris K and Kathy Boyd from the City to be up to date on topics to post.

Website discussion: Rick had forwarded to Board members Dave Woods’ email from last spring about this subject from last June, to serve as a starting point for this discussion. Rick said that Brocade is skilled in website development and is willing and able to donate her time to work on the website. She could still use Word Press, since we have already paid the $300 annual hosting fee, and she is willing to create a draft version with some new ideas and let the Board make a decision. The Board agreed to this arrangement.

Rick explained his idea for FODR-created interpretive trail along the Middle Pond and East Ridge existing trails. This has long been a goal of FODR, and the San Diego Foundation grant opportunity might well fit this concept. Rick envisions markers along the trail to identify plants and other information about the landscape, fauna, and history. We could have trail guides, both paper and downloadable. Possibly, we could make the trail wheelchair accessible, which would necessitate trail improvements like paving and a bridge and lower gradients in steep sections. Chris K is in support of this trail. We will discuss this at Monday’s meeting with the Trails group.


Respectfully submitted, Rick Mercurio