Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

March 17 , 2011


 The Board Meeting was held at the Railroad Depot in Grape Day Park.  The meeting opened at 7:05 P.M. with the following members in attendance : Fred Woods , Rick Paul , Mike Whalen , Dick Althouse , Jerry Harmon , Sally  Thomas , and  Tony Smock.

A volunteer was sought to take the meeting minutes and Dick Althouse was foolhardy enough to raise his hand.

Treasure’s Report :  Rick Paul reported the following :

   $330.00 in contributions

   $50.00  membership renewals

   $44.00  Post Office Box Rental fee

   $137.41  Postage  costs

   $127.85  School Program

 Motion was made by Mike Whalen , seconded by Fred Woods to approve these expenditures    Passed by voice vote

A letter was read to the group from an anonymous writer to FODR expressing his enjoyment of the use of the Ranch but some concerns for his safety upon his travels on the road leading to the entrance.

Ranger Report : Tony Smock reported that the bees have vacated the hive that was located in the Foreman’s Quarters.

Staff has mowed around the barn area

Hay removal from the barn has begun and is ongoing.

Trees have been planted ( Calif. Live Oaks )  at Dixon Lake Campground area  on the outskirts of the campsite area .

There is an ongoing search for the checkbook  of the Daley Ranch Volunteers in hopes of deciding who has authority of the funds and in hopes of gaining access to these funds so that some monies can be spent for needed supplies and necessities. Sally Thomas will contact Carol  to see where the checkbook is and who has control of expenditures.

There have been some new signs made up  dealing with some of the entrances to some spur trails.

There was some discussion concerning the north entrance to the Ranch and some of the unauthorized entrances and small trails created by the neighbors bordering the Ranch.

Some discussion  took place dealing with the plant signs and participation by Rotary Club on April 30 to install new posts and signs to designate plants along the trails. How many people are expected to help , how much food will be needed for the picnic afterward , we need to request RSVP’s from the group in advance , Dig Alert will probably need to be contacted if we are going to use power augers for post hole digging , and a group Hold Harmless form will need to be signed by participants to protect the city of Escondido in case of accidents.

A plastic tarp has been purchased to drape over the Foreman’s Quarters to protect it from further deterioration and rain damage and we will have to decide when it will be appropriate to cover the building. We will need a ladder and also sign a waiver upon covering the building. The city wants no liability in case of injury.

Members expressed their concern for the construction of a new city facilities structure that is slated for the  East End land parcel along  Valley Center Road below Dixon Lake. The Charro Horse Rider Group has been told to vacate the arena area that they have used for years now ,  as the city plans to build a “ temporary “ city utility’s yard on the site where it is titled for open space. There is a conflict with the horse riding trailhead nearby and parking seems to be an issue also.

Next Meeting :   Thursday  April 21 , 2011 at 7:00 P.M. at the home of Sally Thomas

Meeting adjourned at 8;43 P.M.


Submitted by , Dick Althouse    Board Member