Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Minutes

May 12, 2005


Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene O’Neill, Fred Woods, Carol Stanford, Tracey Brown, Rick Mercurio, and from the City, Tony Smock.


Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. in the Train Depot at Grape Day Park, Escondido. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written. Irene gave a treasurer’s report, which indicated a net balance of over $14,700.

The Board considered a request to allocate $350 to purchase an impressionist painting of the ranch house by a local artist to be placed in the ranch house. The proceeds would help pay for the Rainbow female honor camp services to maintain trails at Daley Ranch. The Daley Ranch Volunteer Association would handle this financial arrangement. Rick moved approval, Jerry seconded, and the motion passed 6-0 with Carol abstaining.

Tony indicated that an actual offer has been made by the City for the purchase of the Stanley Peak property. The owner has yet to respond to this offer. Tony reported on a recent meeting of the “Ranch House Committee” which consists of City employees including Tony Smock, Charles Grimm, Barbara Redlitz, Mike Calhoun, Frank Anderson, and Mr. Russo. This group discussed the varied input from the April 14 public meeting as well as the letter from FODR written by Fred expressing our vision for improvements to the ranch house and its surrounding facilities. Tony indicated that although the committee is leaning toward accepting most of FODR’s points, they may seek additional input from other groups to gather “a broad range of community views.” He said that FODR would be kept informed of any other opportunities for input on this important issue.

Fred reported on recent Conservation Resource Network (CRN) meetings. Carol may be able to help Fred with this representation. 

Sally said that Escondido’s management plan for implementing the MHCP is still being worked out. She also tabled discussion of FODR’s strategic planning but said that she would send out to the Board a condensed 4 page planning document to help prepare us for this process. We also are still considering a fall general membership meeting featuring Richard Halsey on the role of fire in natural habitats.

Jerry reported on the Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance. He said that at their recent meeting Gary Gallegos indicated that $200 million of the $850 million earmarked for the environment by the passage of the Transnet sales tax would be available for habitat acquisition NOT directly related to mitigating highway projects. This allocation process is in its infancy stages and the Alliance will continue to monitor the situation.

Rick asked Tony about whether the City has any plan for permanent drainage improvements for the roads and trails that suffer ongoing erosion at Daley Ranch. Tony said that right now the City tries to repair the worst damage first, but financial constraints and logistical problems with bringing in fill material and leveling issues with the need to destroy vegetation along the roads are both serious constraints. Rick expressed his desire to place trail drainage as a high priority for both FODR and the City.

            The next FODR meeting will be June 9 at Fred’s or Jerry’s home.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary