Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2008


Present: Fred Woods, Sally Thomas, Carol Stanford, Tracey Brown, Rick Paul, Mike Whalen, and Rick Mercurio


     Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Fred moved to accept the minutes from the April meeting, written by Sally. Rick Paul seconded and the motion carried. Irene offered a treasurer’s report. The investment account balance is $18,914 and the bank account has $2726, including $764 in recent deposits. Irene will consult with accountant Shirlie Downey soon to check on appropriate financial procedures. Rick P. had purchased a cash box and he brought in cash from tee-shirt sales. We will keep small bills as change in the cash box for future sales.

     The meeting began with a presentation by William “Bill” Sherrard, retired professor from San Diego State. He has created a book of 120 pages along with two dvd disks featuring the trails of Daley Ranch and Dixon Lake. He includes written descriptions, still photos, statistics, maps, gps indicators, and even videos. Bill is willing to donate the book to FODR in exchange for a tax deduction. After the presentation the Board discussed various ways we could use the book, including street fairs, links to the website, and fundraising. We could share it with the Daley Ranch Volunteers and Rangers as well. Rick Paul moved to accept the donation of 1000 copies of the book as well as its copyright, provided the book meets the FODR mission statement. Irene seconded and the motion passed with all yes votes except Sally who abstained. In further action the board approved the dedication page of the book which included FODR.

     Fred coordinated a successful visit from Hidden Valley Middle School sixth graders recently. FODR provided lunch for the volunteers that day. Fred also reported that the donation average per plant guide taken is now about 82 cents, with the cost to print a guide being about 65 cents. He said that June 7 is National Trail Days, and FODR will set up an information booth at the La Honda entrance parking lot along with the Volunteers and possibly other groups. Times for FODR members to man the booth will be determined via email. We will need canopy, table, chairs, display, etc. set up by 7:30 a.m.

     Mike reported that we have not had contact with Bob McQuead about the restoration of the outbuildings since the Preservation Fair in April. Rick M. suggested setting up another lunch meeting with Bob in order to keep the process moving forward, and Mike said he would look into this.

     Sally reported on her committee meeting with Tracey and Carol. Sally had attended a CRN meeting which highlighted several paths to accessing funds for environmental projects. Apparently plenty of money is available, including the Transnet funds. One pathway for FODR to win the money is to leverage the City’s $80,000 Daley Ranch costs by a factor of three. We will see if Jerry can help with this situation. Meanwhile, Tracey, Carol and Sally came up with a few ideas of what additional funds could be used for, including items like signage and removal of non-native species.

     The Board set the next meeting for June 19 at Tracey’s home at 6 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary