Friends of Daley Ranch Minutes

May 20, 2010

Present: Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Mike Whalen, Rick Paul and Rick Mercurio.

Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Oceanside home of Jerry Harmon. Sally Thomas’s minutes from the April meeting were approved unanimously. Rick P. gave a treasurer’s report. We received $720 in the first round of membership renewals, and another 13 checks have arrived. Obviously the recent newsletter paid a big dividend to FODR.

Rick M. will write a letter to Tracey thanking her for her service on the board, and asking if she could name a possible replacement from the academic community. We also hope that she might return to the board herself at some future date.

FODR will participate in National Trails Day June 5 with a table at the main La Honda entrance to Daley Ranch. Fred and Rick M will set up and Jerry hopes to help.

Fred said that118 fourth graders from La Costa Meadows School will visit the ranch May 26. FODR already approved funds to pay for the lunches of the rangers/volunteers for this event.

Jerry and Fred reported on the recent meeting at the ranch with Bob McQuead and Dick Althouse. They closely examined the utility structures and formulated specific steps to take in the restoration of them. One recommendation is that only three to four workers would be needed at a time. FODR is sending a letter to Jay Petrek of the City requesting assistance with preparation for this project. The City has already provided bleach and water treatment on the buildings.

Fred said that Wendy Barker changed the date for Green Scene from June to November, when FODR hopes to participate.

Mike purchased the first batch of Daley Ranch hats, and the board liked them. Mike will buy more after we sell the first dozen. Rick M moved to reimburse Mike up to $250 for the purchase. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Rick P hopes that the Pioneer Room might have enough space to store some of FODR’s archives. Rick P moved that FODR make a formal inquiry in that regard, and he volunteered to do so. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Rick P also discussed the concept of honorary lifetime membership status to FODR for those who have made significant contributions. Rick P moved to allow the board to bestow such an honor, with details of this new category left for future consideration. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Mike mentioned that other groups have various membership categories designed to raise money. The board discussed possible monetary levels that could potentially raise 10 year’s worth of membership dues in a one-time contribution. No decision was reached.

Respectfully submitted, Rick Mercurio, Secretary