Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting

May 16, 2013

Present: Board members Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Mike Whalen, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse and Jim Schafer.
Minutes and Treasurerís Report:  Fred opened the meeting at 7:00 pm at his home.  Mike moved to approve the minutes from the April meeting.  Fred seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  Rick P had previously emailed his treasurerís report.  He noted that he had recently received a lot of checks.  The donation amounts were as high as $250 and along with many other amounts deviated from the standard amounts as suggested on the Daley Ranch website and newsletter for the purposes of donating and membership.  This led to a short discussion that Rick Mís recent efforts in the area of a membership campaign which included his fundraising letter had in fact been very productive so far.  The board sincerely thanks Rick for doing this.  The letter was recently mailed to everyone on our database who had not donated in more than a year.  It was clearly felt that this led to the recent surge in donations.  Rick P also noted that the recently created Paypal account was both working and generating new donors that had not previously donated to our organization.
School Visits:  All twelve 7th grade field trip school visits to the Ranch have been successfully completed.  Fredís mastery in the logistics in accomplishing this endeavor was nothing short of impressive.  The countless hours of all the volunteers, including our own Rick M, the ranger staff and teachers made this a highly successful and rewarding experience for the students.  Fred has utilized approximately $15,900 of the original $17,500 grant so far in funding these trips.  All accounting is not yet complete.  He plans on having a preliminary accounting on or around May 30th.   The final and official accounting is due in October.  The board wants to once again thank the Escondido Chartable Foundation for funding these trips and hopes that the Foundation members themselves also feel a deep sense of pride in what was accomplished in the hearts and minds of the students of Escondido.
Utility Building Restoration:  Dick has permits for the Foremanís Quarters building restoration!!!  He has been talking with Tony Smock regarding the need to coordinate his movements onto the site with the ranger staff.  The initial work will involve the complete removal of the roof and assessing the condition of the rafters and joists. After the building has been allowed to air out, the paneling on the inside walls removed, and the condition of the flooring and floor joists assessed, he will be able to meet with the city building inspector to determine what needs to be done to restore the structure.  He had planned to start work on the structure this weekend, but a city approved social event inside the Ranch House and the grounds around it this weekend precludes his ability to do this. 
El Caballo Park:   Information regarding the Charros situation and both the parties involved were shared.   Discussions continue between the Charros and the city, and it is hoped that stability will soon be restored to the future plans for the park.
Memorial Benches:   Jim and Jerry have not gotten together to determine the exact location of both city approved benches and actually installing them.  Also discussed was the possibility of utilizing the monies received to date for both Sallyís and Ireneís memorial funds towards the design and construction of  the low curving rock wall around the benches that Jerry has previously discussed with the city.  The hope is that the wall will also function as a type of walkway guiding people towards the benches.
Newsletter:  The importance of frequently submitting a single article to the website such as highlighting a single plant or animal on the Ranch would be beneficial to both the rating of the website, and in its composite would create the quarterly newsletter content. 
Legacy Gift:  Rick P discussed the implications of needing to file a more complex tax return for any years in which a certain income threshold is exceeded for our 501(c) (3) status.  A possible future scenario would be a year in which we received a single large donation from a source such as from the Akin Trust.  It was determined that for a year like that we would simply approve paying for the services of a professional tax preparer and not expect the board treasurer to do that. 
FODR Outreach:  Jerry shared that the ECWA (Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance) received the letter Rick M sent its current leader, Olga Diaz, regarding a formal request for FODR to be an active member of the group.  Jerry said it has been approved and that FODR should expect to receive a letter in the mail regarding this.  Jim plans on being the FODR representative.  The group meets the second Tuesday of every other month during the daytime and they are open meetings.  The next meeting is July 9th.  Fred hopes to also attend the meeting.
The next meeting will be June 20th, 7:00 pm at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Schafer