Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

May 20, 2015


Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, and Rick Mercurio


Minutes and Treasurerís Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Dick. The minutes from the April meeting were approved by acclamation. Rick P emailed his treasurerís report earlier today. Fred sent a $35 check to the History Center for FODRís participation in this yearís Grape Day. Fred confirmed recent payments related to this yearís school visits: $2400 for the Sky Hunters, $750.60 for volunteer lunches, $300 to Diana Caudell (Native American presenter); Fred is still processing the final total toward our busses.


School Visits & Grants: FODR has several pending grant applications requesting funding for the school field trip program.

1.      The Escondido Charitable Foundation grant has been approved through the first two of three rounds, with our site visit set for June 10 at Dixon Lake Hilltop picnic area. Attending that day, besides Fred, we hope to include Jim Schafer, Dan H, and a representative from the schools.

2.      Our SDG&E grant is submitted, and will be announced this summer.

3.      FODR has also applied for the North County Sierra Club grant, which will be awarded June 6.

4.      We are also involved with the SDG&E Eco Ambassadors program, with details to come out later. In order to facilitate this, FODR needs to supply a bus for Rincon students to participate in a mini-field trip at DR. Rick P moved that FODR fund this bus. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick P will also investigate potential hired help to assist us with the same Eco program; he will communicate his findings via email with the Board.

5.      Rick P also sees potential for hiring people to help with other tasks the Board does not have time for, such as resuming our annual membership lunch.

6.      Meanwhile, Fred will request that middle schools select dates as soon as possible for next yearís field trips, including dates for rainouts.


Utility Building Project: Dick continues his hard work, much of which is at City Hallís planning dept. His current focus is on Building #3. After much red tape, Dick has decided to give up on his pole barn concept. Instead he wants to lay a concrete footing. He has drawn up new plans, and submitted them to the planning dept. Monday. Dick has been working with a local engineer, Ralph Taveras, who was recommended by Councilman John Masson. The Board discussed various cement companies we may use, with hopes that some materials and/or services may be donated.


San Diego County Fair: Thanks to the initiative by our own Colleen Mackinnon, FODR has been approved for an all-day booth at the San Diego County Fair on June 6. Fred listed the following items we will need for that day: our shade covering, plant guides, maps, newsletters, shirts, hats, photos, chairs, water, cash box, and membership forms. Colleen may add some items to this list. The Fair requires attendance at a lunch meeting at 11:30 a.m. on May 28 to go over details. Fred and Colleen will hopefully attend.


Promotional Items:

1.      Mike proposed a nice identification card for FODR Board members, to be used for Second Sundays and all other events. He showed us a sample card, which may be clipped onto a shirt or hung from a lanyard. The card would include ďThe Friends of Daley Ranch,Ē our logo, and then first and last name of the Board member, individually printed. The Board agreed with this concept, and directed Mike to move forward.

2.      Fred said that T-Shirt Mart could hold a design/image for FODR tee shirts and hats, to be ordered as needed. Mike suggested that we print order forms, so that if someone wants to buy one, we could take their order and contact T-Shirt Mart directly. In this way, we would retain control of the process.  

3.      Rick P inquired about the production of a video to showcase Daley Ranch. Fred reminded us that Mission Middle School has a top-notch video production program, and that those students did filming during their school visit this year. Fred thought it was possible that the Mission School team could make a video of the entire DR experience, not just the school trips. Rick P would like to keep this item on the FODR agenda so we can follow through.


Next Meeting: The next scheduled Board meeting will be Wednesday, June 17 at 7 p.m. at the train depot. Sandy Zelasko will be invited.