Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2019


Present: Colleen Mackinnon, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Fred Woods, Rick Mercurio and Denise Harter.


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Colleen opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m. at the home of Rick M. Denise wrote minutes for the April meeting and Colleen will make these available for distribution right away.

Rick P delivered a written treasurer’s report. The Ivy funds are reflected in a new statement; school visit related invoices have been paid; the final bus invoice is not ready yet. FODR received the $50,000 from the Fawcett grant, and Denise was paid her first installment for her services. Colleen moved to pay $129 for the grant-writing class that Denise attended. Rick M seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Report from Denise: Denise began her work on March 26, and she distributed a print out of her daily work related to Daley Ranch, up to May 14. Besides learning about grant-writing, Denise has been patrolling the ranch, doing continuing education related to biological monitoring, helping with our strategic plan for the “white house,” and doing her tracking work. She has also investigated the biological report from the proposed Daley Ranch Resort, looking for possible issues.


Grant Updates: Rick M reported that the Escondido Charitable Foundation grant for shuttle service qualified for a site visit, which occurred May 1. He, Fred and Dick attended, and the visit went well. ECF will contact us when they reach a decision.

Rick M and Fred also submitted grant applications for the school trip program with SDG&E and the San Diego Foundation. We qualified for a site visit with SDF, and it is set for Friday, May 17. Rick M and Fred have been preparing for this visit. Others who are invited include Chris K, Greg G, Diania C, and Krystle M.


Communication Brainstorm: Colleen led a discussion about improving communication both within our own Board and externally to third parties. She would like the Board to use the Google Drive calendar to post every upcoming meeting or event. We need to send Colleen the information on any meeting and everyone who is to be there. She will post it on the calendar. Attendees would be reminded by email. Rick M asked everyone to please read and respond to all FODR emails promptly. Denise said that other organizations create email addresses for positions, rather than individuals; this could improve transitional gaps in communication when positions change. Jerry emphasized that when communicating with others, especially with the City, FODR must speak with a single voice, rather than initiating contact unilaterally.


Petrek’s Request for Help with Mitigation Marketing: Colleen explained that Jay Petrek’s marketing strategy for Daley Ranch mitigation credits was approved by the City Council. FODR sent a letter of support. Jay now would like FODR’s help in marketing these credit sales to developers in the county. Colleen suggested that FODR draft a letter from us that could be used to promote Daley Ranch as the best option for buying mitigation credits. It was noted that FODR is authorized to assist the City in this way based on prior agreements. Colleen has asked the City to provide thorough financial information over the past years in all budget categories relating to Daley Ranch.


School Program Update: Fred said that the Native American and Raptor docents have been paid. The school district needs to provide testing dates for spring, 2020, before we can ask teachers to select specific dates for next year’s trips. Colleen will provide student/teacher survey data.


Sign Replacement Program: Colleen has stayed in contact with Brian Swanson, who is spearheading the plant sign replacement program. He has purchased and cut wood for 8 posts and bases. Rick P already has some posts. Brian is coordinating with James Dillane on precise wording to ID the plant species. He will arrange a time for post digging and assembly of the signs. Jerry and Rick M could help on June 1.


Strategic Plan for White House/Recreation: Colleen and KTUA, the company working on this project, have been very busy gathering community input from local teens, the YMCA, Boy Scouts and EUSD. KTUA has already drawn up maps, plans and proposals for primitive camping and other recreational opportunities in the area near the Ranch House. The next input meeting is set for May 22 at 10:30 at the TECC office.

As part of this strategic plan, a five-acre parcel is for sale; it is located just west of the dirt parking lot at the top of La Honda. Colleen shared an aerial photo of the spot and also brainstormed possible uses. These could include a welcoming center, an interpretive center, more parking, and even a café. Purchasing the land is the top priority, and FODR may assist in finding grant money for this purpose.


Next Meeting: The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on June 19 at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio