Friends of Daley Ranch Executive Board Minutes

November 10, 2005


Present: Sally Thomas, Jerry Harmon, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Fred Woods and Rick Mercurio; from the City of Escondido, Dwayne Boney.


Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. sharp at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Irene said the treasury has a present balance of $14,833.  The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as sent via email.


The ranch house was the focus of a lengthy discussion.  The City is recommending Option D, and Fred agreed to obtain a current staff report that will detail this proposal. We believe that this option involves converting the existing garage into a bathroom. The board supports this concept, and Fred spoke in favor of building a large holding tank for the sewage. This would eliminate the septic field which now may contaminate the creek. It would also require fewer truck trips to empty the tank compared to the present needs of servicing the portapotties. This would relieve pressure on the road. The board restated its support of wheelchair access to be located on the side of the house, out of view from the front. We also support the use of the ranch house as an interpretive center. We have concerns about its use as an activity venue for weddings and such. If it must be so used, we want strict limits on vehicle access, night time use, noise, and the total number of visitors allowed. After Fred obtains the staff report he will meet with Rick Paul who will be the FODR representative at the Wednesday Council meeting when this issue is scheduled.


Dwayne reported that the Stanley Peak property may have fallen out of escrow. FODR is in a “wait and see” mode over next steps to acquire this important property. Discussion centered on the road that has recently been graded and improved; it leads from Valley Center Road, up the hill through the Sager property, then onto Daley Ranch property, and finally ending at the Sylvester property (Stanley Peak). We support an inquiry into whether this road was improved without proper permits and authorization. We also wonder whether Sylvester has a legal easement for the road. We want the City to investigate this matter and take all appropriate action.


Jerry coordinated an online survey from the San Diego Foundation for FODR. He plans to visit their representative December 2. The board appreciates Jerry’s leadership.


Dwayne reported on the three wildlife tunnels under the newly-improved Valley Center Road. He approached the tracking team about monitoring wildlife movements. The board supports this effort and would like to see similar monitoring within Daley Ranch.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary