Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

November 9, 2006

Present: Board members Sally Thomas, Irene O’Neill, Carol Stanford, Rick Paul, Tracey Brown, Fred Woods and Rick Mercurio; from the Tracking Team, Duane Boney

Sally opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. The October minutes were approved. Irene gave the treasurer’s report. Our fund with Waddell and Reed has a current balance of $9,816. The Board unanimously approved the following expenditures: $140 for the SDF Fundraising Workshops, attended by Sally; $100 for CRN dues; and $60 for a future SDF workshop that Sally will attend. Sally is looking forward to learning more about strategic planning at these events.

No news was reported from the Daley Ranch Volunteer Association, which is seeking people to fill positions. The FODR Board discussed its successful participation in the Stanley Peak “grand opening” and inaugural hike. We thank Irene especially for her purchase of the commemorative medallions, of which 20 more were ordered. We also are pleased with FODR’s role in the City’s effort to acquire this environmentally valuable acreage for the ranch. The FODR Board extends a hearty congratulations to Barbara Redlitz for her recent promotion as Deputy Director of Planning for the City. She certainly contributed a great deal of time and effort for the purchase of Stanley Peak.

The Tracking Team produced a photo album from its remote sensing camera traps, which are non-intrusive. Duane brought in the photos which were taken on the Stanley Peak property in order to document its strategic position as a wildlife corridor. FODR appreciates the effort and expense of this mission, and the board agreed to continue its support and sponsorship of the Tracking Team in the future.

Sally met with a group of local environmentalists informally called the Upper Escondido Creek Watershed Coalition. The theme of the meeting was strategizing fundraising for the purpose of land acquisition. The FODR Board agreed that the Von Seggren property near Lake Wohlford is a worthwhile goal for conservation. Fred will pursue more information about its status and ways FODR may get involved in the future.

Tracey is a member of the City’s committee that is looking into the ranch house and its restoration. Sources tell us that the City has signed a contract with a firm to assess the ranch house and its needs. Work is likely to begin in the spring. Rick Paul will be in touch with City officials to inquire about progress in biological monitoring and management plans for the ranch.

The need for further strategic planning for FODR was discussed. Rick Mercurio will contact Jerry Harmon about the next logical steps toward our goal of tapping grant money to hire an executive director.

The next meeting will be December 14 at Fred’s home.

Respectfully submitted, Rick Mercurio