Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2012

Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Jerry Harmon, Rick Paul, Jim Schafer and Rick Mercurio
Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Rick M. Mike moved to approve the minutes from the October meeting. Jerry seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Rick P presented his treasurer’s report: $19,687 in the Ivy account; $25,840 in the Mission Federal checking account (which includes the recent grant funds); $25 from the cashbox; $830.93 in the El Caballo account; $680 in the Sally sub-account; $165 in the Irene sub-account; $17.80 in new cash; $130 in new checks received; and $9,585.23 in the Daley Ranch Volunteer Association account. New expenses will include $86.63 to Jerry for newsletter printing, $105.77 to Rick M for newsletter postage, and $30.86 to Fred for lunch meeting with Ben Cueva to discuss the school visits. It was agreed that FODR will need to carefully monitor all funds related to the grant. Rick M moved to officially change the signatories for the El Caballo funds at Mission Federal from the president and treasurer of FODR to the president and treasurer of the El Caballo Park Board. Jerry seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Regarding the utility building project, Jerry reported that the tarp was still covering the foreman’s quarters. We are awaiting the return of Dick Althouse to continue.

The City is still not certain of an opening date for the ranch house. Artificial grass will be used in the area near the house, and this will help the health of the nearby oaks because excessive watering will be avoided. Tony Smock told us that the City is still working on permits for the new bathrooms. Tony hopes that the City will put electrical and plumbing stubs at the restroom facility in order to facilitate the future construction of an interpretive center. Tony also had said that various City departments, such as Community Services, rather than the rangers, would be in charge of the use of the ranch house. Fred and Rick M expressed hope that the ranch house will be available for one of the learning stations for the seventh grade visits.

Mike brought the new banners of the Stanley Peak views. They look great, and the grommets were already put in. We can use these banners at future booths and events. Mike also reported on our stock of hats and tee shirts for sale. Mike will use our original logo of the oak tree design for hats, which have adjustable sizes. Mike moved to approve the purchase of 30 hats. Fred seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The Board discussed tee shirts, and decided to only order one design rather than two, approving the “I Like Daley Ranch” wording, hopefully with the same artwork of the ranch house. Mike agreed to investigate options.

Jim graciously offered to extend an invitation to our next regular meeting to Sally Costello, head of the Escondido Humane Society. We hope to establish a friendly relationship with the “neighbor” of Daley Ranch.

Fred and Rick M discussed the seventh grade trips, generously made possible by the grant from the Escondido Charitable Foundation. Rick M agreed to fill out some paperwork from the Escondido Charitable Foundation related to the grant. Fred will keep other forms that must be filled out at the end of May. Rick M and Fred had a productive meeting with Ben Cueva of the Charros. Ben agreed to create a learning station, and will be able to utilize horses. Fred and Rick M also met with middle school principals, who seemed excited about the field trips and helped formulate logistical support. And both met with Tony Smock, Barb Lockwood and Sue Evarts to coordinate the rangers’ involvement with the trips. They requested some teaching tools, specifically some large wildlife posters that could be laminated and used on a display board. Fred will pursue this.

Jerry met with Tony last week to survey the sites for the Stanley Peak signs and Sally’s bench. The City has a “gator” vehicle that will potentially be of great assistance in getting heavy or awkward supplies up to the peak. Jerry believes that metal posts and framing will probably be the best long-term material for the Stanley Peak signs. Mike has a battery-powered drill that he may use to explore the foundation area, but for the actual work we could use an electric jackhammer with a generator. Jim agreed to look into the metal fabrication for the signs. Jerry found an alternative location for Sally’s sign, one with a view of the pond and Stanley Peak. The Board agreed to hike to both possible locations on January 26.

Mike has spoken with Rich Aeling, who said that all four local Rotary Clubs were hoping to join forces for a major workday at the ranch in April with potentially as many as 100 workers. The Board discussed possible projects, which include new kiosks at the ranch house and the El Caballo trailhead, the low rock wall in a horseshoe shape at Sally’s bench location, repairs to the plant signs, help with the utility buildings, and trail maintenance work. Mike agreed to get back in touch with Rich to discuss specifics, with the idea that a great deal of early planning would be needed to accomplish these goals by April.

Rick P presented conflict of interest forms for Board members to sign. These are supposed to be signed annually as part of a “good governance” policy for non-profits. Rick M will keep these signed documents in his Daley Ranch binder.

Rick P reported that Wendy Barker and Linda Shipman have volunteered to help with FODR Facebook. Fred noted that we must switch to a “group” rather than “individual” status, without losing our “friends.” Rick P will contact Wendy and Linda to hopefully form a Facebook committee on behalf of FODR. We thank both of them!

Fred shared the requested list of needs and expectations for a revision of the FODR website and sought Board input. We hope to be able to update the website soon because of its role in the school visit program. After much discussion Jim moved to have David Woods prepare a list of “deliverable” items for a revised website, along with a link to allow the Board to view his site proposal, along with his cost; the Board would then consider final approval for the proposal and contract via email over the next few weeks. Mike seconded the motion, which passed with yes votes from Harmon, Paul, Mercurio, Whalen and Schafer; Woods abstained. We are grateful for the wonderful work that Don has done for us, and for his willingness to continue to help maintain the updated website.

The next regular meeting will be January 17 at 7 p.m. at the Depot. The annual “retreat” meeting will probably be on Saturday, February 2 at the home of Mike.

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, Secretary