Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

December 4, 2013


Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Rick Paul, Jim Schafer, Dick Althouse, Jerry Harmon and Rick Mercurio

Minutes and Treasurers Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7:15 pm at Jim’s home. Rick P moved to adopt the minutes from the October meeting. Fred seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick P reported $100.25 in cash from the iron ranger. We also received new donations, including $1000 from Bill Sherrard and $600 from the Bensons. Rick M will write special thank you letters to them. Current balances include checking, $7529.96, and Ivy, $23,147. Rick P was thanked for keeping such great records and posting reports regularly. Rick M moved to reimburse Fred $38.63 for supplies related to the October Pioneer Room event. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Several Board members have generously donated to FODR without requesting reimbursement; we are very grateful, and Rick M will send them receipts. They include Dick’s $500 toward building supplies, plus donations from Jerry and Fred. Rick P read a letter of thanks from Mayor Sam Abed to FODR for our participation in the celebration of the City’s 125th birthday.

Utility Building: Dick reported excellent progress with the foreman’s quarter restoration. So far he has led two tear down trips and three for construction. Jerry suggested that we compute volunteer hours spent, which could assist with future grant applications. Jim noted that several passers by inquire about the project and about FODR. We ought to have an information sheet with our mission statement and/or envelope to hand them to encourage donations and membership. Rick P suggested keeping them on site, perhaps stored in a building or a real estate type waterproof plastic dispenser. Dick also suggested putting together a “road show” about the project for fundraising and educational purposes. Fred noted that Linda Shipman would like to announce work parties on Facebook to promote awareness. This could also be done on our website. We also need to pursue the county grant opportunity for funding.

ECWA: Jim and Jerry represented FODR at the recent meeting of the Escondido Creek Watershed Alliance. Supervisor Dave Roberts attended, and showed an interest in visiting Daley Ranch.  Rick P suggested that FODR should take the lead on facilitating Roberts’ visit, which could include a drive to the ranch house and even Stanley Peak. Jim will pursue this by contacting Roberts’ office. We would also invite Tighe. Jim also said that ECWA is planning Walk the Watershed, a series of hikes over four weekends starting at the coast and ending at Daley Ranch with a culminating event at the ranch house. Jim will be attending another meeting tomorrow to go over details.

School Visits: Fred reported that three middle schools have already signed up for dates. The other two schools, Del Dios and Mission, do not have the funds. The Board agreed that FODR would pay for their busses, in order to allow full participation. We also will be funding the “bird lady” and Native American presenter. We need to put together a presentation for fundraising, and be ready for the Rotary grant this spring.

Dropbox: Rick P said that FODR ought to consider establishing a Dropbox account. This would provide a central database for photos and files. For example, Linda S has requested photos, and she could retrieve them. We have so many photos, from Jerry and other Board members, which could be stored there. Even PowerPoint presentations could be stored. Fred said he would ask David about establishing this.

Shuttles: Fred suggested that FODR initiate a request to the City to resume funding for Sunday shuttles to the ranch house. Now that the new road is in, the previous complaint of the rough road taking a toll on the vehicles does not apply. Fred will pursue this.

El Caballo Park: Rick P said the group is very happy with the current map plan for the park. It includes 22 acres, which is all of the flat, developable land on the site. It also embraces the current Charro facilities, plus plans for new pens and arenas; parking for trailers and cars; a new bridge across the channel to connect the dog park area; and new vegetation along the creek, which would set a wonderful precedent for the rest of Escondido Creek. Approvals are pending. The Board is delighted with this progress.

Newsletter: Fred noted that it is time for the next newsletter, which should be published in January. He said we could use items that have already been submitted for the website. Besides a president’s message, which could include information about the school trips, we want photos and an update of the building project. We also want to note the commemoration of Sally and Irene’s memorial benches; Jerry will ask the families if they care to write something for this.

Next Meetings: We will combine our January meeting with the annual planning session on Saturday, January 11 beginning at 9 a.m. at Mike’s home. Rick P suggested that one agenda item should be establishing an annual calendar. We will have the next regular meeting at the train depot on February 19 at 7 p.m 

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, secretary