Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

November 18, 2015


Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Jim Schafer, Dick Althouse, Colleen Mackinnon, Su Scott, Bruce Swanson 


Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

Minutes from October meeting were approved by acclamation.

Rick P. emailed his treasurer’s report.  It included $1524.34 in new contributions.

Reimbursement Checks:

$425 to Colleen for the picnic

$834.77 to Dick for the outbuilding project

$237.92 to Fred for Tables for the school program

$28.43 to Fred for the picnic

$80.15 to Colleen for final picnic expense

Jim moved and Su second to approve these checks.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Old Business

Picnic report: 

Colleen said we were over budget, as was expected when attendance tripled over expectation.  Thanks to Dan Hippert and the City providing the van, this was the 1st time in over 10 years that some people could visit the ranch house.  There were over 100 RSVPs for the event, with last minute and ‘walk-up’ guests.  We estimate 30+ for Rick. P’s hike and 110+ for the ranch house tour and picnic.  Top booth received $100+ in donations, booth at bottom of hill received $90+.


Next year we should have separate food and beverage stations, a donation box next to the food, rent a PA system (Allie’s Party Rental perhaps), and have more side dishes/chips.


We should also consider recognizing people who have helped FODR by giving them a framed certificate of Thanks.   The Board approved these suggestions.  We need to send a thank you letter to Dan – Fred or Colleen to follow-up.


Restoration Discussion

Dick plans to lead work parties at the buildings the next 2 weekends 11/21 & 28.  Supervisor Dave Roberts may come Dec. 10 from 9-10 a.m. The Board asked that pictures be taken if possible during his visit.


Plywood is stained and rafters will go up next.  Need pictures and update written for newsletter.  A new sign like the one on the foreman's residence is planned.  Looking for a historic wagon and/or some other old farm equipment to display in the carriage house.  Possibilities are a wagon at Grape Day or in garage at Mountain View Park.  Not sure who has ownership.  Need to put out message that Daley Ranch is looking for a wagon in our newsletter or on our website.  Colleen will also ask Sheri & Carla Stickley.


Iron Rangers

An extra set of keys was given to Fred.


Plant Guides

Other nonprofits in our watershed may want our plant guides in their locations.  Currently we have around 9,000 and we could part with a good portion of our inventory before needing to replenish.  Possible cost to other nonprofits for $0.50 each.  Su will ask if they want them (Elfin Forest/San Dieguito)



Plant signs are in disrepair.  Sunrise Rotary has generously installed and replaced them twice.  New signs could use polycarbonate, with a picture and QR code on signs.  The Board has added this item to the 2016 ‘to do’ list. 


Jim is still working on developing the three informational panels. These will have to wait until after January of 2016. Some text for the Engelmann oak panel already exists electronically, but Jim will need to contact the author and/or company that controls the content to seek permission to use it. We will need to request an extension of the grant timeline.



Welcome Bruce Swanson, our incoming newsletter editor.

Winter Issue estimated to print in January, continuing our quarterly publishing schedule.  Send articles to Bruce by Dec 15.


Need President’s Message, picnic write-up and restoration update, and a help-wanted advertisement for a marketing/publications volunteer.  Will also try to advertise with Linked-in, Escondido Friends, and Craigslist. 


School Program

All eleven 2016 seventh grade field trip dates have been confirmed. All busses are booked, thanks to the generosity of The Escondido Charitable Foundation grant.


Su will contact Ranger Kathy Boyd about arranging for docents.

Rick Halsey (Chaparral Institute) has offered training to Rangers – Su will contact Kathy with offer.


Budget Format Discussion

A more formal budget procedure is needed to expand grant opportunities, including auditing every 3 years.  Non-grant programs should use Colleen’s budget sheet, which will be incorporated into Rick P’s organization wide budget.  Our goal is to finalize 2016 Budget in January.  Colleen wrote a procedures document and sent it out; please take a look at it.


Informational flyers

More informational flyers on the happenings of the restoration project are needed.  The Board asked Bruce to use previous newsletters to create flyers. 


More FODR printed materials are needed, in particular bookmarks or post cards with Tree logo, website, and PO Box.  Vistaprint is inexpensive for quantities over 500.  Generic business cards can be made up with FODR Logo, Website and Facebook. Back side could have conservation message, an invitation to write to our email and to like us on Facebook.  Fred will bring back information.


Su’s survey and NGSS

Su sent a Survey Monkey to science teachers, The FODR Board, and rangers relating to areas of importance in the school program. Results indicated that the shared ideals include: relate to nature, have hands-on experiences, take hikes with rangers, and have students come back to Daley Ranch with their families.  These ideas align with the new state standards that emphasize ‘doing’ science to understand concepts. 


Ecology and Ecosystems are important in middle school curriculum and complement our school program at Daley Ranch.  Su suggests that Board members view a video on new standards called The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) available at

Maybe, sometime in the future, FODR can form an Education Committee to combine FODR ideals with the new standards.



Next meeting will be Sat, Jan 16th at Rick M’s house.  Address and time will be coming.


Original notes for these minutes were compiled by Su Scott. Editing input provided by Rick Mercurio, Colleen Mackinnon, Rick Paul, and Fred Woods.