Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes,

November 19, 2019

Home of Dick Althouse

Called to order 7:00 pm.

Present: Colleen Mackinnon, Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse and Denise Harter. A quorum was present.

Administrative items:

Minutes of the October 15 board meeting and November 5 Special Strategy meeting were reviewed and approved.

A reimbursement to Denise for pizza for the barn cleanup crew in the amount of $73.03 was approved. It was agreed that a policy and budget item for volunteer related expenses should be implemented so minor expenses don’t have to be approved by the full board.

Status of the SI-100 filing is still pending over discrepancy in the legal name of the organization originally used to register it.


Planning for this year’s 7th grade field trips continues.


Colleen reported on the Sardina Preserve (aka Save1000acres) tour for the donors. It was a great success and TECC did an excellent job of organizing it. Jerry said TECC had done an incredible job of cleanup on the site considering that it had once been a paintball business.

The contents of the Winter newsletter were discussed. Contributions are due by January 1.

The San Diego Foundation Grant’s Progress Report is due December 20. Rick and Fred will be working on the progress report as it relates to education the school field trips. Fred will be compiling this report for submittal.  The Get Outside San Diego website participation requirement has begun. Denise set that up and has compiled and published one Daley Ranch “adventure” (horseback riding) so far. Adventures can be downloaded in pdf format. for inclusion in the report.ompiling this report. It will include that the Get Outside San Diego website participation requirement has been fulfilled. Denise set that up and has compiled and published one Daley Ranch “adventure” (horseback riding) so far. Adventures can be downloaded in pdf format.

Discussion of new donation levels and incentives was postponed until after the new year. Branding discussion was also postponed as no new merchandise items are planned until we get a better feel for what people are buying from the new store.

Volunteer Coordination:

Denise has been marketing the wildlife tracking walks on the Daley Ranch Tracking Team Facebook page and turnout has increased significantly. She will begin marketing the rest of the guided hikes as well.

Special Projects:

Denise reported that the online store launched today and we’ve already had our first sale. FODR will make 20% of each sale plus $3 for the design. She is promoting it on the Daley Ranch and Daley Ranch Tracking Team Facebook pages. Fred said it could be included on the website as well. Denise will connect with Don Piller to make that happen.

Denise is doing a Giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook. She spent quite a bit of time getting FODR approved for the Guidestar Gold Badge that will be included on all fundraising posts. This is a nonprofit quality rating that less than 0.02% of nonprofits have achieved.

Denise reported that she has incorporated most of the edits offered by board members into the End of Year membership drive letter and will send it out tonight to all board members for final approval.  There will be three versions: One for 2019 donors; one for past donors; and an email version for people who didn’t give us their mailing addresses. The goal is to complete the mailing by the end of the first week of December. The board approved the CopyMat printing estimate of $300 for this campaign.

Part of the End of Year membership drive includes an engagement poll that will ask supporters to weigh in on the types of programs and activities they would be interested in participating in on Daley Ranch. One version will be included in the End of Year letter, and one will be posted to the Facebook page for general users of the Ranch.

The contract with Deedub for the websitework is pending. Dave still needs more input from the board. The board set a deadline of November 30 for board members to submit their input.


The board agreed with Dick to set a deadline for Mark Carpenter from KTUA to recommend an engineer to assist with the drawings for the work on the barn. The deadline is December 10.

Upcoming Grants:

Fred, Colleen and Denise are going to attend the Grantee Forum of the Escondido Charitable Foundation to learn more about the theme for their 2020 grant cycle, “Protecting Our Environment Through Education AND Action.” Denise and Liz have met and discussed using this grant as an opportunity to launch a new program to follow the 7th grade program in which kids get hands on experience and skills in conservation and environmental projects, like creating the Nature Walk in Area A or designing and carrying through a small camera trapping project. Liz is familiar with the Next Generation standards such a program would meet and said there are lots of existing programs we could use as a model, including those being run by TECC. Liz says there is a lot of grant money available, particularly from CDFW for things like invasive species control (which TECC has already applied for). Liz and Denise believe such a program would fit the grant theme very well. Fred believes the 7th grade program also fits the grant theme and wants to ensure that this successful program is funded in 2021. They will find out at the grantee forum on November 20 whether more than one Letter of Intent can be submitted by one organization. The LOI’s are due by January 6.

Mission Statement Revision: There was a lengthy discussion about revising the FODR mission statement to reflect activities that we do currently and/or are committed to doing in the future. Further discussion on the revision of the mission statement was postponed until the next strategy meeting.

Future business and meeting dates:

The next strategic planning meeting is December 10 at 5 pm at Colleen’s, to include planning for the March picnic.

Jerry’s Christmas party is December 7 at his home in Oceanside and invitations have already been sent out via email with details.

The next Connect North County meeting is January 25 at the California Center for the Arts.

There is a political fundraiser at the California Center for the Arts on January 12th to raise $100,000 for a visual arts program at the CCA that will run through March.

The annual board strategy meeting will be held on January 11 at Rick’s home.

The next regular meeting of the board is February 18 at the Train Station Grape Day Park.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise Harter on behalf of Rick Mercurio