Friends of Daley Ranch Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2012

Present: Fred Woods, Rick Paul, Jerry Harmon, Jim Schafer, and Rick Mercurio
Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Train Depot in Grape Day Park, Escondido. Rick P moved to adopt the minutes from the previous meeting. Fred seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick P had previously emailed an updated treasurer’s report. In addition, Mike Whalen, who was unable to attend, collected $16.55 in cash from the iron ranger.
Fred summarized the progress with our planning for the 7th grade field trips to the ranch, which will be scheduled starting from late February through April. He and Rick M met with the superintendent of the Escondido elementary school district, Jennifer Walters, earlier today. She is extremely supportive and helpful. She will allow us to speak to the middle school principals on Nov. 13 between 1:30 and 3 p.m., and later to the 7th grade teaching teams. She will also help us by either contributing, or negotiating on our behalf, with bus costs, lunches for volunteers, laminating plant guides for each school, district print shop for student booklets (which Fred will revise), and working out Wednesday and Thursday logistics for the trips. Fred will contact the Native American docent and the rangers to see what supplies we can afford to buy for their presentations. Rick M will contact the Charros about creating and staffing their learning station.
The Board examined both Stanley Peak panorama signs, which Rick M brought to the meeting. We were very pleased. Jerry agreed to be in charge of the next steps, which include creating a wooden frame for mounting. Jim suggested possibly including some sort of Plexiglas as a cover. We will need to visit the exact site where the signs will be placed to determine what sort of foundation we can build. Jerry will contact Tony Smock about transporting supplies to Stanley Peak, as well as other issues relating to the bench and low stone wall planned in Sally’s honor.
The company that produced the panorama signs, EZ Signs of Escondido, proposed fabricating vinyl, roll-up banners with the same scenes, at a cost of $45 each. We would be able to use these at our booth and possibly at the grand opening of the renovated ranch house. Rick M moved to purchase both banners at a total cost of $90. Jim seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
The utility building restoration project continues. Dick Althouse submitted drawings to the City in September for the foreman’s quarters.
We will ask Wendy Barker to proceed with our fall newsletter. Rick M already submitted an article honoring Irene O’Neill and Norm Syler. Jim has now submitted an “introduction” of himself. And Fred has written a president’s message, which includes an explanation of our 7th grade field trip project with appeals for help from the membership. Rick M will add City Council members and other City officials to our email list for the newsletter. He will also be working on renewal request letters for members who have not renewed in a few years.
The Board discussed the need for help with updating our website, with specific needs relating to materials for the 7th grade trips. Don Piller has graciously agreed to continue volunteering as a manager of the website after it is overhauled by another party. Fred agreed to draft a brief list of our needs and expectations for the “new” website, then email it to the Board for our input. At that time we will submit our expectation list to qualified webmasters for their response and/or proposal. Time is short, because of the impending field trips.
Rick P gave an update on El Caballo Park. The City Council recently approved $50,000 as initial funding to get the park planning underway, based on a recommendation by the City’s Community Services Commission. Many questions remain as to the exact procedure the City will follow, and the degree of input that the City will seek as the process unfolds.
Fred shared concerns about the Escondido Humane Society’s policy of killing snakes. Tena Scruggs has drafted a letter to EHS about her desire for that policy to be changed. We all feel that we need to reach out to their leadership to establish a cordial relationship. Fred will email the Board Tena’s letter for our input.
Fred also has received emails from member Brian Swanson about the City’s erosion control policies on trails and roads within the ranch. Fred will forward those emails to the Board.
Fred reminded the Board to attend the Escondido Charitable Foundation ceremony where our grant will be celebrated. It will be Thursday, October 25, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Vineyard Golf Course. RSVPs are needed by this Monday.
The next meeting will be at the home of Rick M at 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 15 (unless his expected new grand daughter in San Francisco arrives early!).
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio, Secretary