Friends of Daley Ranch
October 17, 2018


Grape Day Park Train Station, Escondido, 7pm

Members present: Fred, Jerry, Rick P., Colleen, Liz

Treasurer’s report: Rick P. to email report to group. Paid requests of $96 for Post Office Box to Fred and $114.75 for newsletters to Bruce.

Donations in mail deposited (part of Fred’s receipts); Iron Ranger funds not picked up; Rotary Club is donating $2,000 for school programs, Fred has already arranged pick-up in February.

School trips:

·        All trips scheduled. Met with Krystle Miller, EUSD coordinator for school trips for all grades. She is new this year and is coordinating the trips and science standards. Krystle asked about science standards - FODR may need to revisit the 7th grade science standards and update the field trips in accordance. Talked with Krystle about the bus situation.

·        Still need to contact raptor and Native American docents.

·        Modified first trip for Quantum, so first field trip is the first Wednesday in March (instead of first Tuesday in March), with 10 trips total scheduled.

·        We’re grateful for grants received:

o   $2,000 from Escondido Rotary Club, with another $2,000 granted for pick up in February

o   $5,000 from SDG&E

o   $5,000 personal donation. A generous supporter contacted us to make a personal donation for the school trips. Details will be shared at the annual picnic in November.

·        School trip budget to be compiled by Fred for internal use

o   $14,000-16,000 for busses

o   $3,000-4,000 for raptors

o   $1,000 for Native American docents

·        Ideas for additional funding: Wal-Mart Foundation, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Home Depot, REI

Colleen: TECC update: Ann unable to disperse money to Dan. She is now working with city manager to get house demolished. The signage and trail on hold because of time limit for grant spending. Colleen thought that in order to avoid returning the money to the grantor, must show at least some sign of progress.

Joint TECC meeting, Saturday, October 27, 4 pm. Car pool up the hill confirmed. Colleen, Jerry, Fred, Rick P., Rick M. attending.

Rick P.: Grape Day info: Event cancelled this year at last minute. Should FODR support the event in some way? The Escondido Charitable Foundation grant call to go out in January and it will look like the grant call this past year. Fred: No paid person on their staff to organize, a lot of work to organize event, so maybe we offer support in writing the grant. Colleen: Joint grant writing with History Center a possibility. Colleen to schedule meeting with Robin and will include Dick on those plans.

Farm Equipment update: From Dick’s last email, he will be back next week and hopes to get the fence done before the picnic, if the city has made a decision. He may need a few helpers to get this done before the picnic.

November 11th picnic planning group updates:

·        Final group meeting date: October 30, 5:30pm, Colleen’s house

·        RSVP: Approximately 30 people so far through Eventbrite. Colleen can send everyone the list and numbers as the event gets closer. She will also send an invite through MailChimp to members.

·        1 bus from Dan (paid for by Dan)

·        Volunteers: Board + 6 people – we have this covered

o   volunteers to arrive at 9:00am at La Honda parking lot

·        Collen to create/print program for tables (not per person).

·        Rick to lead hike at 9:30am; lunch at 11:30am.

·        Fred: Major Market best price and certain days are 10% off. Boxed sandwich lunch, consisting of ¼ of a large sandwich round. Condiments on the side. Dick to pick up and will be paid for in advance of pick up.

·        Fred to get chips and drinks from Costco

·        Fred to ask Dan for ice at lake concession stand instead of Rick M. picking up on way to picnic.

·        Event RSVP linked through Facebook page and can also be found at

·        Rick P. – El Caballo has asked about attending again

o   If casual thing, then they can be stationed at the picnic area. Steve would “own” this event

o   Steve Berrol and Fred Woods to discuss El Caballo/Charroes participation in the school program

Other items:

Rick P.: Can we ask Dick about moving the fencing and kiosk to the new El Caballo entrance sign as park of implementing the park master plan?

Colleen: North County Philanthropic Council – organization that hosts networking events. Membership fee of $50/year and cost of event attendance. Some free events. Fred asked for a list of participating organizations. Others unsure of the benefits of membership.

Jerry: Christmas party, Saturday, December 1.

Next meeting:

December 19, 2018 at Train Station

Annual Planning Meeting TBD at December meeting, Jerry volunteered his house