FODR Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2021


Present: Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, Fred Woods, Brocade Wu, Ron Franzese, Marilyn Ramirez, and Rick Mercurio
Jerry opened the meeting at 2 p.m. at his Escondido home.


1. Minutes of September 28 meeting; approved as sent.

2. Treasurer report; Rick had emailed this to all. Our Ivy Fund is doing well.

3. Del Lago Academy- Ron: A group of students look to support a community organization using possible social media, publicity, etc. Ron is still trying to establish contact with this group. He will pursue this.

4. Estate Gifts- Jerry: He commented that many groups seek gifts or legacy donations from the estates of members and thought it would be smart for FODR to do the same. Jerry will ask the SDF and TECC how they handle this. Rick will ask our CPA how it could happen.

5. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of The Daley Ranch Land Conservancy- Jerry said our new board members have access to these documents on the FODR website.

6. Barn Restoration- Dick says the south wall has already been reconstructed, thanks to his and Jerry’s continual work. He is also working on better anchoring the structure to the foundation. Dick also discussed potential changes to how the barn will be reinforced and possible other changes. He will visit the city later this week and ask for a site visit. The Board expressed its gratitude to Dick for his generous offer to donate $1000 of his own money toward the project.

7. Date for Annual meeting – Jerry suggests Jan. 22 and the Board will check their calendars to make sure that date works. Rick had met with Victoria Cabot after she donated three paintings to FODR, one of which depicts the old barn. Victoria offered to donate her professional skills to facilitate a goal setting session, and the Board agreed to accept her offer, possibly at the January meeting. Rick will follow up with her.

8. School Visits: Fred says all 11 dates are set for this coming spring’s trips. He and Rick met with the district teacher in charge to determine the five learning stations. We hope that teachers will use the videos as a pre-trip lesson, and also have students do a culminating project following the field trip as they have done in the past. Fred is contacting local charter schools to make them aware of the free video series.

9 Interpretive Trail: Rick has been meeting with various individuals and sign-making companies. He is just about ready to start the process of designing 10 or 11 informational signs, each 2 X 3 feet. He also hopes to build a kiosk at the beginning of the trail, which is by Middle Pond.

10. Fall Newsletter & preparation for the winter newsletter- Jerry complimented the just-sent fall newsletter. For the January newsletter ideas include, a) Marilyn’s self-introduction along with photos of her, a message related to seeking estate/legacy gifts, a picnic summary possibly with a photo or two, a photo of our board members taken at the lunch, and an interpretive trail update.

11. Nov. 13 Annual celebration of Daley Ranch Acquisition picnic.

a) Food, drink, supplies- Marilyn in charge

b) Set up - Rangers & FODR Board members

c) Shuttle bus & van – Fred. It was decided that the City van will probably suffice.

d) overall coordination- Brocade

e) Program – Jerry. He plans to serve as the MC, introducing the Board, having Dick, Fred and Rick discuss their respective projects, and introducing Mayor Mac.

f) T- shirts & hats sale, membership signup, volunteer signup, donation box, attendee sign in sheet. Need a shade area for this.

g) Signs & tent setup: Brocade in charge

h) Disassembly & storage: Rangers, Board members, Bruce Swanson

11. Next meeting: The Board will assess the need for a next meeting in November and December, using email and “replying to all.”


Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio