Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

September 9, 2006

Present: Irene O'Neill, Jerry Harmon, Fred Woods, Carol Stanford, Sally Thomas

Treasurer's Report -- Not available:

Minutes of August meeting - Not available

Board Members present called for the September Board Meeting to take place on September 9 following the Grape Day Festival.

The following items were discussed and decided:

Daley Ranch Volunteer Association:

Irene and Carol brought up DRVA's recent discussions about how to distribute funds. There were questions about DRVA's by-laws and practices. Because FODR is the "umbrella" 501c3 for DRVA the Board asked Jerry to attend the special meeting of DRVA on Wednesday night to clarify our interests and report back in October.

Stanley Peak Inaugural Hike:

The City has asked FODR to participate in the opening celebration October 21, by providing a commemorative token, hike leaders and an information display/table at the Ranch House. The City will have a brief ceremony at the Ranch House and provide an extra day of shuttle service to the Ranch House as the starting point for hikes that day.

(Table decisions and extended discussion until October Meeting (October 12)

FODR contribution for Stanley Peak Scout projects: viewing platform ($1-2K), panorama map ($?) peak locater scopes ($<500)

Major Topics for October (or some other time?): What's Next (Action Items?)

"BigVision" --- Land Acquisition -- Sal: report from mtg with FHHC, TECC, CRN --- Do we want to participate? If so how? (EMP Draft opportunity Areas Table and Map; notes)


Strategic Planning: Design, Define, Act:

·  Endowment for Ranch House?

·  Monitoring and management?

·  Directly engage volunteer projects?

·  Encroachments from neighbors (horses, bikes, hikers access through Area III acres)

·  Hired Executive Director? (what for and how)


Next meeting: Dinner at Irene's, October 12, 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully, Sally Thomas for Rick Mercurio