Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

September 25, 2013

Present: Fred Woods, Mike Whalen, Rick Paul, Jim Schafer, Dick Althouse, Jerry Harmon, and Rick Mercurio.
Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: Fred opened the meeting at 7 pm at the home of Dick. Minutes from the August meeting were emailed. Rick P delivered his treasurer’s report: $8407 in checking,
$21,335 in Ivy account, $25 in cash box, and $14 new cash from the iron ranger. Rick P said that the Daley Ranch Volunteer Association has $9585, which they intend to use for interpretive
displays at the ranch house. We received a $1000 donation from Guy and Mary Harman to help with the student visits, as well as a nice bench from them to use at the ranch. Rick M will write
the Harmans a thank you letter and hopefully deliver a FODR hat to them. Jerry will see about picking up their bench. Rick M moved to reimburse Fred $57.77 for supplies related to the new
display photos and boards for our booth, and to authorize $78 toward renewal of the FODR post office box. Mike seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
School Visits: Fred will contact the Escondido Charitable Foundation to seek permission to keep the “leftover” funds from last year’s grant, in order to help with this year’s program. Fred and
Rick P attended the ECF celebration a few days earlier, where Fred spoke about the success of the school trips. Next steps include getting middle school principals to sign up for specific dates
for each school, and working with the superintendent on getting schools to help with the costs. Fred will also try to “leverage” the $1000 donation from the Harmans.
Utility Building Project: Dick has been very busy working on this. He has drilled holes, put in the bolts and epoxied them. He had to re-draw the plans and switch to pressure treated lumber,
among many contacts with City officials. He hopes to begin further construction within the next two days. Rick P said that Mary Ann Dijak might know of some teens needing community service,
who could help. Dick will check with her about this. Rick P moved to authorize $1000 for Dick to use to purchase
materials. Rick M seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Rick M will
look into applying for a county grant to help fund the restoration project.
Sally and Irene Benches: Jerry has been in contact with the families of Irene O’Neill and Sally Thomas. October 20 has been selected as a date to honor them. Jerry and Jim will install the two
benches prior to that time. Jim has also scouted the site to locate the appropriate placement of a low, curving rock wall, to be built later. Rick P indicated that he would like to say a few words
at the ceremony, as might Jerry and Fred. Jerry will contact the families about their own wishes for that occasion. We will offer transportation up the hill that day.
Watershed Alliance and El Caballo Park: Jim, Jerry and Fred attended the last meeting of the Escondido Watershed Alliance. This allows FODR to maintain a connection with surrounding
organizations and land use entities. Jim said the meeting provided interesting information. Rick P said that El Caballo Park is making solid progress. The City has hired landscape architect Tim
Smith, who had been recommended by the El Caballo Board. The next workshop will be October 10 at 6 pm at the East Valley Community Center. At that meeting attendees will review Smith’s recommendations and offer their own input.
Upcoming Events:
On Thursday, Sept. 26, FODR will be represented by Fred, Jerry and Rick M at the first meeting of the Escondido Roundtable. This group will provide a network of like-minded community
organizations, and be facilitated by Jay Petrek of the City.
On Sunday, October 6 from 1-4 pm Escondido will be celebrating its 125th birthday. FODR is invited to participate with an interactive display. Fred will check with Wendy on this. One idea
is to have a “game” involving matching native plants to their description from our plant guide.
On Tuesday, October 15 at 6 pm the Pioneer Room is having a local history and archives expo at the Turrentine Room at the library. Fred will look into setting up a FODR display for this.
On Tuesday, October 22 at 6 pm in the Turrentine Room, Bruce Coons will present information on historic Rancho Guejito.
Next Meetings:
The next regular FODR meeting will be Wednesday, October 16 at 7 pm in the train depot. The November meeting will be at Jim’s home on November 20 at 6 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Mercurio