Friends of Daley Ranch Board Minutes

Sept 16, 2015


Present: Board members Fred Woods, Jerry Harmon, Dick Althouse, Jim Schafer, Colleen Mackinnon, and Rick Paul; Su Scott guest “Linda”

Absent: Rick Mercurio

Fred opened the meeting at 7 p.m. Jerry Harmon’s house in Escondido.



Minutes and Treasurer’s Report:  Rick P. motioned to give a check for $1005.96 for building #3. Seconded.

Motion for money for name tags $100.32, 1,000 DR maps $78.80, Paper $62.60, Print fee $16.20, PO Box $82, Iron lock $$63.06.  Jerry moved, Su Seconded.


Old Business

ECG Grant – Friends of Daley Ranch are invited to the Escondido Charitable Foundation Sept. 24.  Need to RSVP to Fred.  People going: Fred, Jerry, Jim, Rick P. ,Colleen, Dick, Su.  Spouses welcome but must RSVP.  (time?)



No word yet.  Fred is still trying Lucia.


Building Report:  schedule – Peter Framing 9/26, this weekend Mike, dick, and Jim volunteer 8-noon.  Roberta from the grant asked to come out during work days, maybe 9/26.


Grape Day

Thank you to Colleen for reorganizing.  Need to get new price sheets for art work, Get prints (Rick M) to display note cards.  Money from Grape day reported.  Found old check for $35.  Rick P. will call check writer.


Second Sunday: 

Bathrooms are in but not working yet. Turnout is low.  May want to change summer hours 8-10am due to high temp.  How do we get more people? 


Mission Middle School

Tamara Whitney will work with us again to make video.  Fred will ask her to send old pictures.



Oct 1 is the deadline to submit to Bruce and Rick M.  Goes out Nov 8

We need articles, Press release, Ideas to attract new people, Acknowledgment of contributions.  Need presidents message with thank you/ Picnic information.  Don will put on Website.



A Budget needs to be a ‘living document’ but we need to establish a process.  We are a 503.C and public needs transparency.  Need 3 yr budget with grants and inventory.  Rick P. and Colleen will send out templates with 8-9 topics.  We need inventory of what we have, what we want, and our physical assets.  We will establish a committee in November.

Colleen will buy women t-shirts.


Membership Event Nov 8:  

Could city provide van/shuttle for disabled?  Redwood Terrace or Cyprus Ct?  Could Dan get van?  Fred to invite Dan to Train Station mtg.

Need press by Oct 1 and include available for shuttle maybe 10-2pm.  Colleen will do.

Rick M. will find out who has donated $ to make list to invite. Colleen reminded that we need recognition levels/categories (time, money).

Invitation should also go to docents, rangers (get list from city) or give to city coordinator to invite.

Invite Katherine Boyd too

Fred will email Dan

$500 approved for event.


Street Fair Oct 18

Suggest to partner with El Carballo Park Conservancy with horses to share booth.  Horses would attract people.  Cheaper to share booth and have non-profit status.  Rick P. will ask/email if they would like to share.


Minutes submitted by Su Scott