FODR Board Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2021


Jerry Harmon opened the Zoom meeting at 7 pm. Dick Althouse signed off after an initial phone conversation. Other participants included Brocade Wu, Fred Woods, Ron Franzese and Rick Mercurio.

Minutes from the August meeting were accepted as presented. The Treasurer's report had been emailed by Rick.

Interpretive Trail update: Rick explained that several groups and individuals, plus the City rangers, are working with him to plan the signage. More meetings are scheduled and the project is a work in progress.

School Trip update: Fred said this spring’s trips will be during March and April, and he already has several sign ups. Fred and Rick will be meeting with the new science TOSAs next week to work on a hybrid model for the learning stations. Fred has also been in touch with principals as well as the science teachers. This year the school district will handle the scheduling of the buses. Fred said that our final report to the Escondido Community Foundation for their generous grant is due soon.

Barn Restoration: Jerry has been working with Dick on this project over many weekends. Dick has already spent about $1000 of his own money in the process, and he created a poster for the fund and volunteer drive. A huge thank you to Dick! We will make the barn restoration project a major emphasis for FODR in the near future.

Meeting with the new city manager: Jerry, Ron, Brocade and Dick met with City Manager Sean McGlynn last week. He is also willing to meet with us at Daley Ranch on Nov. 12. Ron said it was a very amicable meeting, with McGlynn on a learning curve since he has been on the job for such a short time.

There is a $38 million federal funding grant going to the City for economic recovery. The City Council will be discussing criteria for the distribution of these funds at their meeting on Sept. 29. The group discussed that some of these funds could potentially be used for the following items:

a.      Ranger station: This is still a temporary structure, as it has always been. The group advocated for a permanent and larger structure,

b.      Barn restoration

c.       Parking lot pavement

d.      Trail maintenance

e.      Signs


Annual picnic: Nov. 13, Saturday, at 11 am at the Ranch House.

·       The City will set up tables and chairs and provide a shuttle bus.  

·       Food, drink: Brocade will be in charge. Last time sandwiches were purchased at Major Market.

·       Bus: Fred will look into the EUSD bus service.

·       Membership applications will be needed, and Rick will have these printed.

·       No tents will be needed by the gate or at the Ranch House

·       No guided hike will be offered.

·       Publicity: Rick will draft a formal invitation on FODR letterhead, get these printed, and use official FODR envelopes. He will print mailing labels for everyone on the database. He will also print remittance envelopes to be inserted. Brocade will publicize on FaceBook. Don Piller will send an email blast. Rick will monitor RSVPs on the FODR email. 


Newsletter: The "headline" item will be our Nov. 13 lunch event. Rick will put together an article for this. Photos of barn and Ranch House will accompany this article, and Fred will send Rick those photos.

Dick’s flier for the barn restoration fundraising drive will be on another page.

Rick has already sent Bruce a very brief "box" item on the Harman death and donation, as previously discussed.

We can use the photo of Fred and Rick receiving the $7500 grant from SDGE for 2022 school trips, which could be a stand-alone item with a caption if there is room.

Brocade will send Rick the photo of the big group at Dixon Lake when we celebrated the Video Series, along with the identifying caption.

Next meeting on October 19 at Jerry’s Escondido home at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Mercurio, Secretary