Daley Ranch Photo’s

Professional photographer offers amazing images of Daley Ranch


Sandra Zelasko loves Daley Ranch. As a professional photographer based in Valley Center she has been honored with having six images displayed at the San Diego Natural History Museum earlier this year. The exhibit was entitled “Ecosystems of San Diego County.” Now she is sharing those images with the Friends of Daley Ranch and the public.

“Daley Ranch is a special place for many,” she said. “I have hiked all of the trails, introducing many friends to its beauty and now sharing images from my wanderings. It has always been my goal to promote wilderness and the wildlife that share this land through my photography.”

Zelasko has offered to split the proceeds with FODR from sales of the images. The photos were taken in 2005 and are open editions, traditional silver hilade prints. Print size is 12 x 18 inches, and framed size is 18 x 24 inches. Prices are $195 for print only; $295 for matted; $395 for framed.

Please contact Zelasko at 760-749-2174 or Rick Mercurio at 760-751-2275 with inquiries.


View of Peninsula Range
Includes pockets of classic coastal sage scrub, oak woodlands and riparian habitats.

Daley Ranch, Peninsular Range


Riparian Habitat
Ecosystems extending up and down streams, along lakesides including areas directly affected by surface water.

Daley Ranch, Seasonal Pond

Rock outcrops
An important habitat along the western ridges of the property providing homes for a variety of reptiles, including the southern Pacific, red diamond, and speckled rattlesnakes.

Daley Ranch, Rock Outcrops

Seasonal Pond
Ephemeral water source supporting wildlife and aquatic birds such as ducks, cranes, white pelicans, coots and osprey.

Daley Ranch, Raprian Habitat

Engelmann Oak Woodland
One of the most endangered natural communities in California today

Daley Ranch, Engelmann Oak

The most prominent vegetation community well adapted to summer drought sustaining plants such as chemise, Manzanita, scrub oak and black sage.

Daley Ranch, Chaparral