Ranger Wildlife sightings at Daley Ranch

Tarantula has recently been spotted in the Dixon campground, so we are looking for those toward dusk (Ranch House Road, Boulder Loop have usually been good places to see them).

Deer have been seen on the N Boulder Loop, near the Ranch House, between the Ranch House and the barn, E side of Jack Creek Meadow Loop and Sage near Mallard Pond. Late morning & Midday.

Denise reported a Mountain Lion track last week near the water trough just N of the bathrooms.

Coyotes on JCMLoop, RHRoad, around the Ranch House, Eastridge. Midday, afternoon, and around dusk.

Some toads recently crossing RHRoad from Eastridge to Middle Pond at dusk/dark.

Red Diamond Rattlesnakes JCMLoop, Rattlesnake, Sage S of Caballo.  Oh… and TWO on the walkway to the bathrooms one night when I was locking it up.

Great Horned Owl sometimes likes the power line near Ranch House road just before dark. Sometimes s/he moves to the Daley Ranch Lot after cars are gone.

Cottontails, brush rabbits around closing time along Ranch House Road & toward Rattlesnake.

I noticed lots of amazing Harvester ant activity on Rock Ridge last week.

Saw a Rosy Boa a couple weeks ago near the Rattlesnake TH (rare).

Happy Trails