Building Restoration Project

Daley Ranch began as a cattle operation in the late 1800s, and many workers were needed to tend the livestock, maintain equipment, and meet the ranch’s many needs. To support these purposes, the Daley family built a large barn and several small utility buildings just north of the ranch house. The smaller buildings could have been used for feed storage, or as a foreman’s quarters, tool shed, or bunk room.

These buildings were eventually abandoned, and they are deteriorating quickly. Always committed to preserving the history of the ranch, the Friends of Daley Ranch have decided to embark on a restoration project to stop the decay of the buildings, and then strengthen their structural integrity. This could involve new foundations and support beams, but we want to re-use original materials wherever possible.

After the buildings have been restored, it is our hope that they can serve as a sort of ranch museum. Each could house actual artifacts from old farms and ranches. The City of Escondido already has a number of items in storage that could be brought there, including antique farm equipment. This way, the public would be able to experience what life on the ranch may have been like 100 years ago in an authentic setting that is an important part of Escondido’s agricultural history.

Before moving forward on the restoration project, we need to address another issue: The creek bed right behind the buildings is eroding, and its bank needs reinforcement to prohibit further collapse. Working with the city, and state and federal wildlife agencies, the Friends of Daley Ranch hope to build a solid new creek embankment.

How can you help?

All of our efforts are done on a voluntary basis. We will need help in at least the three following ways:

  • Volunteer labor, as in hard work and perspiration, when the construction begins.
  • Materials donated.
  • Money, always a necessity for anything this ambitious. You can now donate online to support the project…

If you can help, please contact our key volunteers:

  • Project foreman: Dick Althouse 760.741.7629
  • FODR president: Jerry Harmon 760.715.0685