Daley Ranch Discussions with Friends

Sky Hunters to Present:
“Native Birds of Prey”


“Daley Ranch’s New  Discussions with Friends”

July 14th has come and gone and many Friends of Daly Ranch missed another great opportunity to appreciate the Ranch and a new quarterly event.  

American Kestral used to illustrate many of "Raptor" attributes during the presentation
The Saw-whet owl is a little bigger than the Burrowing owl and has a more greyish coat. Most of the smaller owls live on bugs, insects and an occasional small mammal or reptile.

Last quarter the Friends had Rick Halsey of the California Chaparral Institute to discuss the habitat regimes found at Daley Ranch: oak woodland, grasslands, riparian and chaparral. Rick covered the habitats in a enthralling 1.5 hour presentation that made the ranch come alive and followed up with another hours walk and narration along East Ridge and Middle Pond.

This quarter it was Sharyl Massey of the Sky Hunter Organization enlightening the audience with “Native Birds of Prey” Sky Hunters is a non-profit group dedicated to informing the public about raptors, birds of prey, and promoting raptor conservation.
Sky Hunters had three of their raptors that do to their injuries remain wards of Sky Hunters and are used during presentations.  Most raptors that are brought in for rehabilitation are nourished, cared for, exercised and eventually released back to the wild. 

The Barn Owl got a little sleepy towrd the end of the presentation

Do You Love Daley Ranch?

We Do

We are the Friends of Daley Ranch, an all-volunteer non-profit dedicated to the conservation, enhancement and promotion of this stunning preserve in Escondido, California.

There is a lot to love about Daley Ranch, with over 25 miles of trails on 3,150 acres of hills, valleys and ponds of historical ranch lands and undisturbed native habitats. Come out and enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding opportunities while viewing the ongoing ranch restoration. It is an important natural habitat for many forms of wildlife.

Indians have lived in this area going back thousands of years. The Daley family settled here in 1869 and ran cattle and other  businesses for many years. For more details of the history see Daley Ranch History

The City of Escondido purchased the property in 1997 led by the efforts of then council member, earlier Escondido mayor and currently FODR President, Jerry Harmon.  The City of Escondido currently owns and operates the ranch as a conservation mitigation bank, to be preserved in perpetuity, while the Friends of Daley Ranch (FODR) works in conjunction with the city to improve and advocate for the Ranch.